Barbara Ann Moore Hope Foundation

About Us


The Barbara Ann Moore Hope Foundation was founded by both Herman Griffin IV, the son of the Barbara Ann Moore-Griffin, and Barbara Ann Moore-Griffin.

Mr. Griffin wanted to create a foundation that had his mother's commitment to the advancement of youth within the inner city.  Before his mother passed Mr. Griffin had his mother look over the incorporation documents to insure that the purpose and long-term goals of the foundation met with her approval.   

Barbara Ann Moore-Griffin passed in 2010 after a 12 year battle from complications of an advance form of Lupus and  several massive strokes.  
Barbara always had a love for children.  She was a grant writer and political liaison.  She was highly active in Parent-Student groups and served as Youth Director in her church for 18 years.   She tutored hundreds of children and young adults.  She never had a student fail a class that she tutored them in.  Barbara consistently visited  and wrote letters to teenage prisoners, and volunteered with the Detroit Public School system.  She attended Cass Technical High School, Marygrove College, and Boston University Law School, and live in Detroit for all of her adult life. 

The Barbara Ann Moore Hope Foundation is based in Detroit, Michigan as an all volunteer organization.  We give semi-annual scholarships and have programs throughout the year for youth ages 12 - 17.  

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